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Welcome to Wonder...a podcast equipping women to live a wonder filled life with Chrissie Dunham and Lisa Clark!  

Chrissie is a Women’s minister who shares His story, His Love and His Word by speaking, teaching, training and mentoring women of all ages. 

Lisa is author of raising sinners and loves speaking to mom groups in Texas and beyond encouraging them as they raise their children to love God with all their hearts. 

Jun 17, 2021

Kay Wyma joins us today on the podcast.  She is a friend to our show and we gain so much insight and encouragement from her EVERY time she is on.  Her new book is out, The Peace Project.  
What would happen if we practiced thankfulness, kindness and mercy each day for 30 days? That's what Kay and friends did ...and The Peace Project was born.  The results were undeniable.  30 days.  
Research has shown the benefits of thankfulness, kindness and mercy (compassion, forgiveness and more) individually, but magic occurs when they are practiced together.  30 days. Peace - the Shalom kind of peace that means wholeness, completeness, the bringing together of opposites - shows up and stays for a while.  
Want peace? Come and try.  What have you got to lose?