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Welcome to Wonder...a podcast equipping women to live a wonder filled life with Chrissie Dunham and Lisa Clark!  

Chrissie is a Women’s minister who shares His story, His Love and His Word by speaking, teaching, training and mentoring women of all ages. 

Lisa is author of raising sinners and loves speaking to mom groups in Texas and beyond encouraging them as they raise their children to love God with all their hearts. 

Apr 29, 2021

On this episode of THE FRIEND ZONE, we invited some friends over to join us around the table to have a lively discussion about parenting our adult children!

Linda Paulk, a seasoned guest on The Wonder Podcast, and Candice Myers, mom of 4 who is dabbing her toes in both worlds with 2 young adults and 2 still at home, are our guests this week.

Both are so full of wisdom and encouragement, plus lots of practical advice for this stage of life.  Where is the rule book, people??? If there is one we haven't read it!!!

Nevertheless we have fun discussing our hits and misses as we navigate our new role in our children's lives as they move into adulthood. It's tricky, but so rewarding.  

We also tackle giving unsolicited advice and setting boundaries! Listen in to our round table discussion and join the fun!