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Welcome to Wonder...a podcast equipping women to live a wonder filled life with Chrissie Dunham and Lisa Clark!  

Chrissie is a Women’s minister who shares His story, His Love and His Word by speaking, teaching, training and mentoring women of all ages. 

Lisa is author of raising sinners and loves speaking to mom groups in Texas and beyond encouraging them as they raise their children to love God with all their hearts. 

Oct 15, 2020

In this series, Chrissie and Lisa will take a deep dive into one of Paul’s great letters to the Church.

In Philippians, Paul sets out to encourage the church in Philippi whom he shared the gospel 10 years prior. His letter, consisting of 4 chapters, is full of joy as he encourages the Church to work through their suffering with humility and their struggles with joy.

Paul loved the people of Philippi and wants them to know how thankful he is for them.

We hope you will walk with us through this study as we pause to say “thanks to the Lord” for the great things He has done. Even in adversity, the gospel of Jesus Christ remains the main
thing. Is it the main thing in your life?

That is the question we will be asking…are we laser-focused on our mission? Or are we sidetracked, focusing more on the things of this world? It’s easy to take your eyes off of Christ. There are so many distractions, certainly, 2020 has had its fair share.

So, let’s come together Church! These are great days! Let’s let our light shine!